We make outdoor and indoor signage, signage projects and more.

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We customize different types of textiles by means of thermal transfers.

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We print in laser, water-soluble inkjet, eco-solvent inkjet and thermal transfers, in various formats and supports..

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Customized Products and Services: Sale of Unique Items

Our company specializes in the sale of personalized products, offering a wide variety of options to meet the needs of our clients. Among our products are customized caps, sweaters and shirts, souvenirs for gifts, printing of stationery in various formats, and large format graphics and advertising posters. We strive to always provide the best quality and customer service at all times.


Our company focuses on the customization of items, offering exclusive products and high-quality services. Our product portfolio includes personalized clothing, souvenirs, and printed stationery, and we have a team of graphic designers who work closely with our clients to create attractive and effective designs.

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Don't settle for the ordinary, choose our personalized products.

Customized Products and Services: Sale of Unique Items

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Offset printing

A printing process in which the image is transferred from a plate to the substrate. The formation of the image on the plate makes the difference between dry offset and wet offset. In the former, stencils with the image in high relief take the colors and deliver them to the plate. In the latter, there is one plate for each color; part of the plate area is chemically treated to accept color, while the rest repels ink and therefore does not transfer color.